Chronomancers are sorcerers that have a control of time that runs through their blood.


Masters of time, chronomancers are eccentric mana manipulators that have managed to use the mystics of time to help make the impossible happen. Whether it is recalling old memories to help solve the current puzzle, moving faster in thought in time than a whisking arrow, or erasing someone from time and space entirely. The chronomancer is capable of more than most magic users can even dream of.

Bloodline Arcana
When a Chronomancer casts a spell from the Transmutation school the duration of the spell is increased by 50% (minimum 1 round).

Bloodline Powers

Mindful Recall – At first level a Chronomancer is capable of sending his mind back in time to experience his past a second time for a split second. He is able to make a second Knowledge check on something he failed a check on earlier in the day.

Temporal Shift – At third level a Chronomancer can bend time around him. He is able to use blink as a swift action. After the first successful blink the spell changes to blur and lasts for one round per Chronomancer level.

Alacrity – At ninth level a Chronomancer is so in tune with time that he is able react at breakneck speeds. When rolling initiative he can roll twice and take the best result. If he has the element of surprise on his foes he automatically goes first in regular initiative order.

Temporal Leap – At fifteenth level a Chronomancer can alter the fabric of time around him. Once per day the Chronomancer can leap back in time and change the present with words of warning. He can have any player or monster re-roll a saving throw, attack roll, or damage roll. This is an instant action that can happen at any time during the round. After using this ability the Chronomancer is fatigued until he rests for a full 8 hours.

Chronomaster – At 20th level a Chronomancer becomes one with time itself. They can cast stop time as a spell-like ability and are immune to supernatural aging effects.


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