Iltherian Knight

The remnants of the Iltherian army have across the continent after the demise of the Empire. Many remain loyal to the fallen emperor and continue to hunt down and destroy any mana in all its forms. Others have broken away from the evil influence of their cursed veridium swords. While the new order of knights are never truly able to forget the atrocities they have committed. They now use their powers and training to defend the land and its sources of mana as an act of repentance.

The knights excel at destroying mana. As a result they are considered magic stoppers, absorbing everything from a sorcerer’s fireball to a cleric’s cure critical wounds with a swing of their green blades.


Iltherian Knights are the destroyers of magic and the cause of the current state of the world. They are connected to their green veridian swords, forged with a piece of their soul. This connection to a weapon capable of consuming and destroying magic has hardened their body to magical attacks. They have learned to use the magic that their swords have consumed for a variety of uses like exploding the magic into an attack against enemies, healing themselves, and augmenting their weapons and armor.

The Old Code

Knights of the old code stand for the tyrannical laws of the fallen emperor even after his demise. They will not let anyone or anything stand between them and their ideals. They do not consort with magic unless absolutely necessary and would much rather outright destroy it.

The New Code

Iltherians of the New Code generally refuse law unless it suits their preservative ways. They will always chose to fight against their Old Code brethren. This focus has given them mastery at countering the magic drain attempts of other Iltherians.

Iltherian Knight

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