The Iltherian Empire

The Iltherian Empire ruled the continent for close to two and a half decades, crushing any resistance that dared rise up against it. After the collapse of the Empire the Iltherian soldiers were released from the evil influence of their veridium swords.

The Old Order

Fierce and brutal warriors of the realms, many of these knights have joined the imperial army of their own will in search of riches and influence. They live to destroy all magic, ever hungry for the mana that flows the land and all beings of magical essence. Their world view is simple in regards to others: all magical creatures must die, all demihumans enslaved, and all humans are given the choice of joining their ranks as an alternative to slavery. Iltherians of the Old Code are aware that the Empire’s reign is over, but they cling to their ideals in the hope that, with their effort, it may one day return and restore the power and influence that was once theirs.

The New Order

Mainly made up of war captives that were forced into the service of sword point, these knights have regained their human conscience. When the Empire fell apart some of these men disposed of their green blades and gave up knighthood altogether. Others, realizing that they had no longer had a life, a home, or a purpose to go back to, banded together to help heal the world the Empire had torn to shreds. Driven by remorse, these knights reject the ideals that were the core to the Iltherian Empire and devote themselves to protecting mana and life. They use their mana manipulating skills to fight against the knights of the Old Code, counteracting veridium with veridium. However, their appeal for forgiveness is not accepted easily, as the swords they bear still carry a stigma that is hard to overcome. The often find themselves unwelcomed or persecuted. Still, no matter what they receive as penance the knights of the New Order intend to live up to their and strive to reverse the damage they have done in the name of the Empire.

The Iltherian Empire

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