Spell Feign – You are able to spend a standard action to fake casting a spell to draw out an Iltherian Knight’s Mana Drain. Use Bluff to fool the knight and make him waste his Mana Drain. (prerequisite – Bluff 4 ranks)

Recognized – Members of the varied Krymarian factions know who you are either by fear or by heroic reputation. Choose on of the following factions: Clan of the Diamond Sage, Old Code Iltherian, New Code Iltherian, or Order of the Silver Sword. All allies of the same faction within 30 feet of you gain a +2 inspiration bonus to Diplomacy checks and a +1 bonus to attack rolls.

Renowned – Recognized heroes gain an additional +1 to attack rolls and now get a +2 reputation bonus to fear saves. Members of the respective faction are willing to support you and will value there goods 20% less when bartering. (prerequisite – Recognized)

Trace of Blood – Your ancestors were related to one of the blooded families. The blood has since left your family but you have managed to harness some trace of it. Gain the Blooded racial trait Emissary: Once per day you can roll twice when making a Bluff or Diplomacy checkand take the better result.

Master of Metallurgy – As a weapon smith you have learned the secret crafts of the northern Dwarves. You have learned to craft veridium steel. You may smith veridium weapons with the same ease as you would craft a steel weapon in terms of resource and game time.

Complex Mind – You have the mark of the psion. Gain a +1 resistance when opposing checks from the Iltherian Knight’s Drain Mana ability.

Mana Sensitive – You are so in tune with the mana of the world that is much easier to draw it out. When casting spells you gain a -5% on spell check penalties for wearing armor as well as a +1 to spell penetration when attempting to overcome spell resistance. As you are sensitive to mana you gain a -1 when resisting an Iltherian Knight’s Drain Mana ability.

Never Forget – You’ve always had your ears to the elders in the slave mines or had some privileged source to learn from. When making a Knowledge (history, local, geography, religion, or nobility) check you may roll twice and take the better result when trying to recall something of the past once per day. Taking this multiple times allows you to do this one more time per day.

Looter – The world around you is full of interesting trinkets and useful items. You know exactly what is valuable and what is not. You can roll a perception check when on the move or in a situation where time is of the essence. If successful, you can grab the most valuable item in the area. (prerequisite – Perception 6 ranks or Diamond Sage)

Spell Shrouding – You’ve managed to find small loophole in the inherent mana detection of an Iltherian Knight. You can cast a spell in such a way that you hide it from being detected by Iltherian veridium as well as a detect magic spell. Spell Shrouding uses up a spell slot two levels higher than the spell’s level.


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