Imarian Prophet


Imaria has many spiritual and mystical entities of various (and often unknown) origins. Among them is the Imarian Prophet. Prophets are often eccentric personalities who will not give away their secrets easily. Messing with the future is just like rippling still water, wave over wave disrupting the natural flow of time and rate. The Imarian Prophet will be the first to warn you of the dangers of tampering with destiny and can show you how curiosity can sometimes kill the cat’s lives in one blow.

Bloodline Arcana
Whenever a Prophet wins initiative over his enemies he and all allies that win initiative within 30 feet gain a +1/level insight bonus to all saving throws.

Bloodline Powers

Precognition – At the first level you can see into the immediate future. As long as you can speak and your allies can hear you, you can grant a +1 prophetic bonus to saving throws, skill checks, or attack rolls for the duration of combat. Whichever bonus you choose lasts for the duration of the encounter and cannot change until the next encounter. At level 6 this bonus turns into a +2 and at level 12 this bonus turns into +3. You must be able to speak at the beginning of each round for the bonus to take effect.

Combat Cognition – At 3rd level you can see danger as it approaches. Once per day you can add a +2 insight bonus to any skill check, saving throw, or to your AC. This effect lasts 1 round/3 prophet levels. At level 12 you can do this twice per day.

True Intentions – At 9th level you gain the ability to know the future intentions if your friends and enemies. You can detect thoughts as per the spell, except that you automatically start at the third round of detection. In addition, once a day you gain the ability to discern the alignment of any one creature you interact with.

Lament of the Fallen – At 15th level you know when an ally is going to die. Once a day you can attempt to prevent an ally from dying. If an ally dies from taking damage from an attack or a failed save, the ally is allowed to make a save vs. will DC 20. If successful then the ally was given a riddle or a message before the combat began, and now understands the mystery of the words. As a result, the ally can ignore the effects that would cause her death.

Visions of Fate – At 20th level you know the general outcome of the future. Once per day you can cast wish as a spell-like abilitybut can only use the undo misfortune option.

Imarian Prophet

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